On 15thApril 2016, ENEOS and Hieu Liem- sub-distributor have organized successfully and impressively a Meeting in Binh Duong province. The meeting is an opportunity for ENEOS and sub-distributor to send deep thanks to ENEOS lubricant’s loyal customers.

Attending at the meeting includes Mr. Eiji Kimbara- ENEOS sales director, Mr. Nguyen Hieu Liem- Director of Hieu Liem sub-distributor and nearly 120 loyal customers.

Mr. Eiji Kimbara, General Manager, thanks to the concerning and supporting from participants since ENOES first entered into Vietnam and correspondently wants tighten the long lasting cooperation between ENEOS Vietnam and customers toward to the common goal “to bring the Japanese power of oil viscosity to Vietnam consumers”.

Sub-distributor representative, Mr Nguyen Hieu Liem, Director of Hieu Liem Company has appreciated the success of ENEOS, especially the partnership development between company and the sub-distributor. Having immense support from sales team and marketing team at ENEOS, Hieu Liem Company has actually become effective business partners of ENEOS brand in recent years. Toward the recent encouraging achievements, Mr Liem hopes that ENEOS will continue improving the product lineup for the further business development and bringing ENEOS brand closer to Vietnamese consumers.

Mr Eiji Kimbara, ENEOS sales director, speanking at the meeting for ENEOS lubricant consumers in Binh Duong province

Also, sale promotions and a raffle were held at the end of the meeting and attractive prizes were offered for attendants.

Mr Nguyen Hieu Liem, Director of Hieu Liem Sub-distributor, gives prize for raffle winner.

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