ENEOS lubricant brand and Huy Hoang Sub-distributor co-held successfully a meeting 2016 in Yen Bai on 27 May 2016.

Following the chain of meetings to tribute ENEOS customers, the ENEOS meeting with Yen Bai consumers has held very successfully with the participant of Mr Uno- ENEOS Marketing Manager Asia, Mr Eiji Kimbara- ENEOS sales director, Mr Nguyen Huy Hoang- Sub-distributor representative and more than 150 customers. This is an special occasion for not only ENEOS brand send the most sincere thanks to all the loyal customers, but also the opportunity of all representatives of companies, garages owners and consumers meeting and experience exchanging. The support of the loyal customers and strong relationships between Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Viet Nam Co., Ltd and distributors are big advantages for ENEOS brand continue growing sustainably in the coming years.


Mr. Uno, ENEOS Marketing Manager Asia, speaking at the meeting

Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang, Director of Huy Hoang Sub-distributor, speaking at the meeting – Yen Bai province

ENEOS representatives and Yen Bai Sub-distributor representatives cheered up to a long and prosperous relationship

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