Among the multiple Vietnamese young people’s trips, perhaps the trip back to hometown for Tet holiday always brings lots of eagerness and emotion.

Youth is the most beautiful time in every person’s life. It is the time people are full of belief with strong desire & attached with many trips. People often say that youth is considered as a tireless trip because you have health, enthusiasm and passion for discovery.

And in those hundred thousand trips, perhaps with every young Vietnamese, the trip back home to welcome Lunar New Year is always eager and full of emotions. And this trip is probably even more special when the young people are fully supported to get back to their parents and family with ENEOS brand (from JX Nippon Oil and Energy Vietnam Co., Ltd.).

Students prepare to go home for Tet on ENEOS buses

With the desire to create good conditions for students in Hanoi city to have the opportunity to welcome the Tet holiday with family and relatives, on January 27th, 2019, ENEOS lubricant brand sponsored and coordinated with the VNU University of Science and a number of universities and student associations in Hanoi City to organize the program “Hành trình quê hương –  Tết trọn yêu thương “.

Mr. Fukuda Satoshi (General Manager of JX Nippon Oil & Energy Vietnam Co., Ltd. under JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Group) shared in the program: “With every community where we come, along with business development target, our company always tries to not only contribute for sustainable economic development but also to enable valuable benefits to society. So through this event, we do hope that we can share the difficulties with the students in Hanoi by providing safe and comfortable bus trips for Tet holiday.”

A lot of students were present at the event last January 27th.

In the program, nearly 1,000 students across the country received free tickets back home with 30 45-seat buses on the roads to 13 provinces and cities in the North and Central of Vietnam. All students who were lucky to receive these free tickets were extremely excited because they were no longer worried about crowded buses or expensive fares during Tet period.

Besides receiving a free ticket and meaningful Tet gifts from the sponsor ENEOS, before the buses departed, the students also had the opportunity to exchange and share with many special guests, Dr. Le. Tham Duong, Singer Huong Tram, Lộn Xộn Band, Nit and Tang Duy Tan. During the talk-show, Dr. Le Tham Duong made a very meaningful share of the factors that make up the success for young people.

Dr. Le Tham Duong shared lots of interesting lessons with the students at the event.

According to Dr., there are 3 factors to create success: Creating Capacity, Ability and Passion. Therefore, when still in school, young people try to create good capacity, then find your ability and do it with passion.

Along with the presence of Dr. Le Tham Duong, the program became even more exciting with the hit songs of famous singer Huong Tram, Lộn Xộn Band, Nit and Tang Duy Tan shown on the University campus, receiving the enthusiastic response of the students.

Singer Huong Tram sang her heart out at the event

Lộn Xộn Band contributed to stir the air

The program ended in the excitement of nearly 1000 students from many universities across Hanoi, got on buses to return home, welcoming Tet holiday.

Sponsored buses waiting for students outside the gate of VNU University of Science

The happiness of coming home

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