On 9th July, ENEOS and DIEP SON – ENEOS sub-distributor are very proud of being one of official sponsors for the first Otofun Lao Cai’s birthday.

To make the Oto Fun Club’s first birthday special, A car word shape event ( OFLC – stand for OtoFun Lao Cai) was held successfully by the participating of over 100 fancy cars in The Kim Thanh International Border Gate’ s car park. The attendees included journalists, sponsors, members and guests of Oto Fun.net fanpage. It was such a great honor for NOEV and Diep Son – ENEOS sub-distributor in Lao Cai to sponsor for this meaningful activity.
After finishing the car word shape, more than 100 super cars of OtoFun Lao Cai Club drove along Lao Cai province, then turned back Sapaly hotel to hold the main birthday activities there.

Following is some pictures on the Oto Fun Lao Cai’s first birthday.

ENEOS and Ford Mustang 2015  in the Kim Thanh International Border Gate’s car park

DIEP SON – ENEOS sub distributor Lao Cai and NOEV representatives took picture on Otofun Lao Cai’s first birthday.

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